40+ Dream Living Room From 2018 Design Gallery

Talking about the concept of dream living room will be always interesting from time to time since the model of current ideal living room may be different with what we talk today. However, we are here suggesting some inspiring designs that become so trending hoping you will like them and get inspired to make yours. The today concept is mostly adopting modern living room concept, but still there are some ideas that look so beautiful and affordable. Then, here we go with our conclusion about those designs.

Dream Living Room 2018 Part 39

Dream Living Room 2018 

Dream living room elements

The most living rooms that become so popular in the urban areas are adopting modern concept which has few intricate shapes but still beautiful with asymmetric elements. A quarter round couch with a half oval sofa still look so artsy. Colored in minimalist modern tone like grey and turquoise combination is really producing welcoming and friendly tone for everyone in it. The other elements to be noted in current dream living room is the natural lighting concept. The lack windows treatment makes the simple look as it allows much light to breach in the room. The glossy light colored floor also improves the entire scheme to be alive and glam.

Tone and colors

If you need an in-budget dream living room, the natural white and light grey can be the best choice for your dream living room. Since the current popular concept is maximizing the natural lighting, these bright tones are best in improving the bright interior scheme. One to keep in mind is that the current trending living room is avoiding clutter and chaos, so keep the living room minimalist with only necessary furniture like sofa or bench sofa, glass coffee table and a couple of simple arm chairs. There is no need to make a statement element, but you can still add some focal element such as indoor plants or green cushion sheet. The use of geometric rug with in line tone will be also wonderful to improve the lively atmosphere.



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