50+ Bohemian Bedroom Ideas for Your Eclectic Style

The bedroom designs today are really varied as there are at least 15 styles which we know including the bohemian bedroom. Creating a bohemian style should really consider the eclectic aspect as it is one of the most important point. There are also other points that really matter so you can really expose your artistic side.

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas Part 40

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

Bohemian Rug Style

The really first attempt you can try to make a bohemian bedroom design is surely by selecting the correct rugs. There are many patterns that you can use in boho-chic bedroom such as Moroccan, tropical, rosette, or other floral patterns. The more the pattern, the better it will be. The colors will also matter as the bohemian mostly adopting natural colors, the best color for the rug will be red, brown, yellow and violet.

Color and statement

The prominent bohemian bedrooms mostly have brilliant color selection and combination. There is no rule about what color that could represent the boho style best. Yet, the natural color ranges could be the best selection. The organic pattern like floral pattern is best with the colors suggested above. However, today bohemian style is braver so you can put any color you like as long as it looks rich of cultural and tribal taste. There is almost no statement color in bohemian design since all elements are rich of patterns and colors. If you want some contrastive look, you can try to make them on the bed by contrasting the bed sheet and pillow sheet.

Modern Bohemian Bed Room

As the time changes, the bohemian has got so many improvement from the first hippies’ style. Some aspects like cluttered concept and rich coloring are reduced, as they now tend to be more minimalist and lack of color accent. However, the organic pattern and green plant are unreplaceable to accentuate the bohemian taste. For more ideas, follow our gallery below which will show you the artistic taste of boho-chic style.



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