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September 4, 2018by Ello0

High mobility lifestyle makes people to move from one to another city regularly in relatively short time. This makes renting an apartment becomes best option that is also very practical and economic. Regardless the practicality, the freedom to do decoration and renovation is limited. Some people are lucky to find affordable rental apartment with cozy and livable décor and layout. But for some who are not, this shouldn’t hinder you to do little effort juice up the living space especially in the bedroom. Here are some easy and on budget bedroom decorating ideas for your rental apartment.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Rental Apartment Part 45
Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Rental Apartment

Removable wallpaper

The removable wallpaper has high practicality for rental apartment that does not allow you to make new paint. If you live in small space apartment, keep on the bright colored wallpaper so you will not miss the larger space effect bright tone can create. However, for the eclectic soul, keeping the creativity is never wrong. Making the wall as the statement area for the bedroom will dramatically change the room look to be what you want.

Textile mixing: Bedsheet, Curtains and blinds

The selection of textile for bedsheet in important point in bedroom decorating process. Make sure that you base your selection on the room back colors. Contrasting the color will be nice strategy to juice up your room. The window treatment is another solution for bedroom decoration in a rental apartment. The functionality to make up the room look is undoubtedly amazing.  The curtain is a powerful focal point in a monotonous wall color. If you have already made the statement wallpaper, try the curtain color or pattern that can contrast the look so you will not feel getting trapped in a box.

Play with shelving and storages

The storage is a multi-functioning element in living space. We consider this one as an important element in our list of bedroom decoration ideas. Aside of its functions as storage, the storage can be used as useful compartments in your studio apartment bedroom. For smaller idea, the more practical storage like corner shelving, open shelving and book shelving are very useful to make some focal point that will really juice up your apartment bedroom concept.

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