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September 4, 2018by Ello0

Moving in a new living space like an apartment is a real big deal as you should be able to manage everything including furniture and decorations. Some people with extra budget can hire professional to do this job, but for the others who have limited budget, considering DIY décor could be the best options. If you are on the list for inexpensive decorating ideas, so here we are going to show you some useful tricks and tips.

New Apartment Inexpensive Decorating Ideas Part 24
New Apartment Inexpensive Decorating Ideas

The really first thing you can do for a new space is planning for the new paint (if only possible or allowed) and the window treatment. If it is not your apartment and your landlord doesn’t allow you to repaint the interior, the windows should be the crucial alternative for making the decoration ideas come true. Besides as privacy keeper, the window treatment has enough width to bring a certain nuance for your room. This inexpensive décor will be very flexible as you can change or redecorate them anytime.

The next new apartment cheap decorating tip is using some wall decals. This ornament is very removable so you can change or remove it to change the mood. Since painting is not allowed and wallpaper is more expensive, the decals can be a very brilliant solutions to improve your room vibes.

A basic room or apartment normally comes with normal lighting fixture. Changing the lighting scheme will create new ambience to the entire room as good as the wall coloring scheme.  You can also buy some inexpensive floor lamp, or creating DIY pendant lighting form reclaimed materials.  This inexpensive decorating idea is very powerful so you will feel the urge to change the entire lighting fixtures.

Our last trick for cheap decoration in the new living space is considering some rugs for the floor.  Rug is somehow affordable and there are many choices that you can pick to make the mood for your room. You can improve the room color scheme using this decoration or making wonderful pattern if you want. Use the rug for decoration in the living area like bedroom and living room to make the cozy and livable look.

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