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July 20, 2020by Ello0

Architecture, for many people, is only about ideas for creating houses and buildings. Meanwhile, others believe that it is something more important and a more complex problem-solving instrument for human life.

Situated in a dense location in Fitzroy of Melbourne, Butler House is a warehouse apartment that can be good evidence for the importance of architectural consideration in building a house. The dwelling is not only a living space but it is also a solution offered by Andrew Maynard Architects for a family to have a proper place even in a very dense location.

Brilliant interior renovation converting small space into a high functioning dwelling that preserves friendliness character in casual style (1)

Vertical Home Design Enhancement

The Butler House is an attached apartment unit that has three floors including the rooftop and mezzanine. Like many other attached apartment buildings in a dense population area, the house is not really wide so it is developed vertically to create a functional dwelling.

The project was done to create a balance between an open structure that imposes spacious dwelling model and functional house that keeps privacy and intimacy. Therefore, flexible elements were set to achieve that goal.

Cozy home design with wood rich interior elements constructing high complexity that enhance the house value and style (2)

All floors are maximized as there is even a consideration to create a mezzanine upper the ground and roof floor. The vertical development was fully calculated not only for space distribution but it also considers heat and acoustic isolation.

The functionality of this apartment is not only fixed in its interior under the roof. There is another interesting part that was set in the rooftop which can be an option for family quality space. The lack of outdoor area had inspired the designer to create such a space so the client who has young children could enjoy their time in this home.

Functional and beautiful roof terrace complete with stylish canopy perfect for fun and relaxing family activities Butler House (4)

Design Elements and Materials

Wood and metals are two elements that create the most of this warehouse apartment. The use of them in building this house is for some reason. The flexibility and ability to keep sound and temperature isolation have underlined the decision to apply them for the most of the building parts.

Cozy home design with wood rich interior elements constructing high complexity that enhance the house value and style (3)

The concept of its interior area seems to expose its functionality rather than a specific aesthetic indoor genre. Spaciousness is a gist but there is lack of modernity style that often accompanies this interior character.

While the underroof area is filled with warehouse concept with a little bit industrial accent, the rooftop offers different ambiance that offers a refreshment that is also suitable for a children’s playground. Wood canopy and green turf flooring can provide a children-friendly character that is rarely found in the location.

Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Kevin Hu

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