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September 8, 2018by Ello0

Preparing the decoration for the kid’s room is really fun and special. It needs more fantasy from your childhood memory to express the curiosity and unlimited exploration. There are many parts of a kid’s room that need your special touch. It will also be amazing to consider the best windows treatment. It can be really tricky since you might be pickier in the kid’s room. Thus, if you need some advices about it, then here are some curtain ideas for kids room that you will really love.

Inspiring Kids Room Design with Best Curtain Ideas Part 9
Inspiring Kids Room Design with Best Curtain Ideas

How to select the best curtain colors?

A kid’s room is normally having fresh and cheerful color scheme like sky blue, lime, soft pink, and green. However, there are also some brave color given to the kid’s room to explain children unlimited imagination. Since each color has its character like yellow which is associated with happiness and green is for calm mood, the children room curtains should create a balance for them. You are better to chose the color in the same class or category to avoid complex and cluttering look. For instance, you may combine yellow with orange, purple with blue, and green with brown.  The purpose of smooth combination is to reduce the anxiety and lower heart rates (according to experts).

Matching the best pattern

Kids’ room is usually having a theme and concept that express the childhood adventurous mind. Some people are usually selecting the themes based on their kids’ preferences so kids will find the bedroom as the homiest space they won’t leave. For the thematic kid’s room, the curtain ideas are to follow the rule. If your children prefer natural concept with green and yellow basic tone, using the green or flowery pattern will look great. Furthermore, you can use the curtain as focal point to give the kid’s room some accent. If you have a daughter with cheerful behavior which love pink, selecting the polka dot or cartoon motives on the curtains will make nice contrast that will feel much friendlier.


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