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January 28, 2019by Ello0

Having a nice home with a backyard area and garden is a dream of every people especially for them who live in a busy and boring city. You might feel the same, going to the office and go back home, then don’t know how to enjoy your life within your daily routines. A well-decorated backyard could be one solution. It can provide you with an open space that perfect for your time at home.

Not many homes maximize the backyard area become a city-escape that can spoil you with a fresh outdoor sensation. Most of them are designed only to provide a living space that usually boring as the indoor parts of your home. If you feel tired of being inside the room all day and need some outdoor refreshment, you can follow us discussing the best way to make the outdoor space more lively than before.

Open living space and porch design as special space to gather and enjoy your landscape (12)
The back porch as a living space used as a special dining area outside the main house. This place is very perfect for gathering and enjoying your panoramic landscape

Upgrade The Porch 

The best and easy trick to make the outdoor area more lively is to invest in a comfort area. Making this kind of space is more attainable and also budget-friendly than considering a new landscaping project. If you have a back porch, then you can start your project from that semi-enclosed space.


Open living space and porch design as special space to gather and enjoy your landscape (2)
Open back porch design with swing sleeper concept that is very enjoyable for an escape zone from the boring city life.

There are many things you can make in your back porch as it is more private compared with the open front porch. The back porch area offers an excellent nestling space that you can use as an extension of the indoor comfort. The semi-open air character will be perfect for the relaxational seating like a rocking chair or even a swing sleeper.


The other thing you can do with your porch is to upgrade the natural value. The porch is half-open space which basically can sustain any type of plants. The hanging plant will be perfect in a back porch, still, you can put a small tree and others land base houseplants in this area to make the relaxing tropical vibe right outside your doors.

There are still many ideas that you can discover for the backyard open living space. You can find them in the gallery we put right after this post. Hoping you like them all and build your own open-air living space from below inspirations.

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