Bathroom60+ Easy and Effective Small Bathroom Organization Ideas

September 20, 2018by Ello0

The bathroom could be the second most private place after your bedroom. You must love it as it become the place that give you time for relaxation and recovery. Yet, some people are complaining about the size of the bathroom so they can’t enjoy them much. Apparently, the problem of having small bathroom is only about the lack of space to store the bath necessities. Putting them everywhere will worsen the bathroom look and also the owner mood.

Small bathroom organization Ideas that will add more spaces during relaxation Part 2
Small bathroom organization Ideas that really work

Doing some makeover is always necessary to redefine your small bathroom. However, doing so will require much time, resource and energy as we don’t want to talk about it here. We have been talking about inexpensive bathroom makeover in the previous post. In this post, it is better to show you more about small bathroom organization to make it look tidier and efficient.

Adding some effective bathroom storage will not only improve the practicality of your bathroom but it will also enhance the entire bathroom looks. Your bathroom with better arrangement and organization will make better mood for you compared with the messy and cluttered one. You can feel the maximum relaxation in a cleaner and well-organized space.

Small bathroom organization Ideas that will add more spaces during relaxation Part 17

So, what are the best storage ideas the can work on your bathroom? There are many inspirations we have gathered from many creative designers and DIYers. Most of the ideas are maximizing the room using cheap materials. There are also some ideas which maximize the functions of a certain hardware so it can have double utility as storage.

The most common ideas are still about open shelving and hidden storages. But, the placement of the shelving is the one that might be unthinkable before. The hidden storage is also brilliant. They utilize the dead corner or spot to give more extra spaces for storages. If you are curios about their design, so it’s the time to see them all in our gallery.


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