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March 6, 2019by Ello0

Modern bathroom design requires the best arrangement that showcases clean, straight and uncluttered ambiance. This modernism trend has begun from nearly a hundred years ago as today the look has got some transformation that departed from this movement.

Many people misunderstand for modern design as they think that today is still a modern era. While the modernism bathroom style has got fewer supporters due to its rigid and mute style, the today trend, the post-modern era, offers something different.

In today’s bathroom trend, the general concept seems to adopt or adapt multiple designs of previous home decorating movements and styles. We will easily discover the new characters that are distinctive from any single concept. People often called these styles with a double name like the modern-mid century, modern-rustic, modern-farmhouse, etc.

The color scheme on today’s bathroom is more relaxing enriched with a proper refreshment of natural elements. The prominent color combination of neutral and earthy tone is very harmonious giving soft and gentle vibes that will feel cozy in our eyes. They also provide lower hues scheme on objects so they will reduce the over bright ambiance.

Modern white bathtub designs that improve your bathroom display Part 5
Modern white bathtub designs that improve your bathroom display Part 5

Ergonomic Bathtub’s Style

To recognize the new bathroom styles, we can see their tub designs first. This icon and anchor of the bathroom should show you the characteristics that it brings together. Thus, we have tried to discover some best bathrooms that are very inspiring with functional and stylish bathtub designs.

Talking about the bathtub design in today’s bathroom models, there is no clear hint and reference that could tell us for differentiating the new model from the old models. It seems that everything is mixed and combined to create the desired look of the homeowners.

The designs movement today seems not merely to rely on look and style guideline rather than on the functionality and the owner’s personality. On some examples below, today’s bathrooms are also ascending the comfortability and easiness of usage. The bathtub’s designs are very ergonomic with size and depth that could improve the coziness as people sinking in.

The combination of many elements with a bathtub as a focal gives a very harmonious design which still maintains a clean and cozy display. You will later discover how well they are mixed into a rich yet cohesive interior style that will never make you feel boring and lonely.

Inspiring Bathroom Designs with Cozy Bathtubs – Image Gallery

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