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February 21, 2019by Ello0

Your bathroom could be another place in your home after the kitchen and bedroom which also needs an update for a clever organization. This particular tiny space was overly used but has got less attention that makes everything looks cluttered and draggled.

To make this space better, you will need a new organization idea. Yet, if it is not enough, you must manage another way to keep it tidier so you will feel easier and livelier when using this very private space of your home.

Open shelving and builtin cabinets for lots of extra bathroom storage Part 17
Open shelving and builtin cabinets for lots of extra bathroom storage Part 17

We have previously talked about the easy bathroom organization and cheap bathroom shelving. Those are supposed to give you ideas to deal with a messy bathroom which has no smart storing place. To keep your bathroom updated, we are here to give you more ideas about clever shelving to maximize the tiny space of yours.

Considering new shelving for the bathroom is a work that can give you double results. While the DIY shelving using cheap pallets could save your money, we will not recommend it to be used in a modern bathroom concept.

To plan an effective organization for a modern bathroom could start by using open shelving storage. We have gathered some ideas that look so effective in saving your space from clutter and bad ambiance. These ideas of open shelving for the bathroom are actually adopting the traditional Scandinavian concept which let the clean and airy scheme to blend with nature.

Wooden planks and boards are dominating the scheme as it improves the warm look on your bathroom. This design also looks more natural as also friendlier for some reasons. We can also find out the alcove storage in some of the below ideas. They maximize the bathroom nook to become so effective in updating the bathroom storing in a more efficient style.



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