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January 23, 2019by Ello0

The modern bathrooms are mostly using porcelain and ceramic tiles as they are available in many patterns and colors. They are also widely available and you any style that you want your bathroom to look like. Yet, if you want more natural sensation that is really from nature, you must consider the pebble tile floors.

Although they were very popular in the past, the pebble tile floors are slowly left since the new porcelains have come with the pebble pattern. Yes, the real pebble tile has a more difficult installation process compared with the porcelain. Yet, you can never get a perfect and seamless mosaic pattern as the original pebble tiles. The really complex patterns that are rarely repeated are better and they seem more natural than using the porcelain.

Antislippery pebble floor for cozy bathroom concept Part 21
Healthy pebble tile floor in modern bathroom design that has a seamless natural pattern which also blends with the master bathroom colors.

Moreover, the surface feel is different. The uneven surface of pebble tile floors was said to be good for the health. You can get everyday foot reflexology massage freely as you are in your bathroom. There is no surprise that this kind of natural flooring is often used in spas. Unlike the real one, pebble printed porcelain has a smoother surface, so it will be the same as a regular floor with porcelain.

As what we have told you before, the pebble tile floor is the ultimate beauty of mosaic pattern from the nature that is difficult be traced with modernly made tiles like porcelain and ceramic tiles. The difficult installation will be likely paid off when the finished installation can create the most naturalistic bathroom floor with many health effects.

This bathroom flooring method should not be gone as it has more advantages compared with the conventional floors. There are also so many pebble types that you can use to make a different display of pebble tiles. The color can be selected and the final result can be adjusted just like the regular flooring method. So, there is no need to hesitate to consider this spa’s style bathroom in your home.

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