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January 8, 2019by Ello0
Relaxing Bedroom Feel with Natural Touch of Greenery Decorations Part 22
Relaxing Bedroom Display with Natural Touch of Green Decorations

There are many ways that we can try for decorating our bedroom from giving it new colors to make an upgrade on the furniture and decorations. Some people consider that a major upgrade will give the entirely new view and mood, but some others tend to give some small touching to make it better. That’s all about your very decision. Meanwhile, when you think that something is still missing after you’ve finished your renovation, it will be best to get some natural touching with some living plant decorations.

Did you ever wonder why living plants matter in your bedroom? There were so many traditional views about giving a bedroom with living decorations to improve everything. Firstly, it will look very good in your room, especially during the day time while the sunshine illuminates the bedroom. Secondly, some flowers and plants can improve the air quality as they have some kind of relaxing scent which is good for your night sleep.

Best Flowers and Plants as Bedroom Decor

For this time, it is better to find out which plants and flowers are good for the bedroom. Our first recommendation is to get some popular flowers and plants with a relaxing scent like jasmine and lavender. Some studies suggest that their aromatherapy could help you release your anxiety and stress. This is good for your health as you will get everyday therapy and reduce enormous billing for health care. You can also consider the Gardenia flowers for a similar function.

Bedroom Jasmine Plant Decoration
Bedroom Jasmine Plant Decoration

The second recommendation is the plant that can purify the air. Almost all plants are taking the carbon dioxide and producing oxygen during their photosynthetic process in the day. However, there is a special plant that also does it at night. The plant popular name is the snake plant or mother in law’s tongue plant. Furthermore, this plant is easy to keep as it can live in lack of water situation. The other plant that has very similar characteristic is the aloe vera.

The next plants in our list also have some very special abilities. They can detoxicate the air and also remove the bad odor in your bedroom. The plants that have such abilities are English Ivy, Peace Lily, and Bamboo Palm. According to some studies, those plants also able to improve the bedroom humidity which is good for people who are sensitive to dust and dry air. They will also absorb the microbes and mold in the air that can cause severe allergy.

Besides the good effect on human health, putting the living plants as bedroom decoration could really improve the room display. As always, we have gathered some pictures as your inspirations for arranging the plants and flowers in your personal space.


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