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October 26, 2018by Ello0

Cozy Scandinavian Bedroom with Part 9

The Scandinavian home is an example of simplicity that has timeless characters. It is minimalist, clean, elegant and artful so none can decline this beauty concept in their houses. Talking about this concept, many are searching for the tips to make Scandinavian bedroom. Then here we are trying to compile the characteristics for you.Cozy Scandinavian BedroomNatural palette – The main character of Scandinavian style is the bright and muted colors. The all white wall and ceiling is the character you should consider in your bedroom to make some airy vibes inside your Scandinavian bedroom.

Traditional furniture – The handmade furniture is another concept that should be considered when you want a Scandinavian bedroom. Traditional is not always ancient, so minimalist furniture which has natural and simple concept is appreciated.

Bare wall – In Scandinavian design, the wall is normally white and clean. Minimum ornament will be really emphasizing the bedroom concept. In addition, keeping the ornament to be simple and understated.

Natural lighting – The wide windows with lack or no windows treatment is needed in Scandinavian bedroom concept. It will make full bright interior lighting scheme during the day which is in line with the original Scandinavian homes.

Decluttered space – Don’t make a Scandinavian bedroom to look much in crowds. Remove unnecessary item and focus on function. Thus, you will create a space free which fully functional and livable.

No carpeting – Put simple rug will be acceptable but carpet on floor is not. The natural concept is accentuated as the wooden floor is fully exposed to contrast the mute wall and ceiling.

Greeneries – Adding some green plants will be a least idea that you could attempt to make a Scandinavian bedroom. The natural approach is really working to add accent in your room.

For more ideas, you can check the gallery below.

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