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October 26, 2018by Ello0

Smart Closet Organization Ideas to Make Extra Storage Part 31

As a vital part of the house, a closet should get our attention especially in how we should organize it well. The purpose of organization in to cut your time in looking your stuffs you have put there, and to maximize it storage capacity especially for small closet. The small closet organization can be done in many ways. Thus, we are going to show you about these tricks so you don’t need to take out the half of your collection.

The first trick is to make a small dresser inside your small closet. You should measure the size of your closet first, then try to make or purchase a small dresser than can fit inside. The best position for the dresser is under the hanging clothes so it can spare the other space for racks or closet shelving.

Another trick for small closet organization is to make another hanging storage on spared wall side. This is clearly working tips to reduce over crowded hanging clothes in single area. Then you can again make small shelves or rack below to put your bags or shoes. You can make the rack even more effective by using cubical design. Each square will fit a pair of shoes, so it will look neat and also well organized.

The third tip is about the storage for the accessories which need some attention so they will be easy to find. Using some boxes or baskets will help this small kitchen organization. You can put the boxes or baskets under the hanging clothes that you have made previously. Placing some hanging rod on closet door is the extra tips so you can put some scarfs and belts. Below gallery will show you more ideas about small closet organization you can do them by yourself.

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