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August 23, 2018by Ello0

The cottage dining room designs are mostly inspired by the concept of beach house. It is adorned by vintage elements and lots of hospitality. The other mother concept of it is the American country style which showcasing simplicity and innocence look on every element. This remarkable design is now interchangeable with the farmhouse style, yet, there are actually several marks that differentiate both. However, here are some ideas that you might like, plus some tips to make it on your home.

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Cottage Dining Room Designs

Cottage dining room elements

Some elements that should be available to strengthen the cottage dining room ideas are vintage chandeliers, vintage dining table set, and vintage decoration sets. Their combinations are that define the cottage style with charming and romantic vibes into the entire room. For the pure cottage design, the proper windows treatment, for instance, should include the homy patterns. They are like square, line stripes, or floral pattern. The pastel color scheme is also needed to improve the look to be more in 1950 era. However, some natural colors like white, grey and cream are still acceptable as long as they can be managed to avoid the glam look.

To improve the country cottage dining room styles, reclaimed furniture will be very helpful. Distressed look with worn mark on the table or chair is really coherence with the vintage soul of this room design. Putting too much color in the dining room is also not a best choice in making a cottage styled dining room. Keep them simple with minimalist and natural finishing could result in the bottom up cottage atmosphere.

The final stage you should be ready when building a cottage dining room is the decoration. The flea market is the best place as our experience in finding the unexpected vintage stuff and decorations with affordable price. The ceramic vase and plate could be really lovely on the open shelving on cottage dining room wall.


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