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February 6, 2019by Ello0

Just as people said, spring is very inviting for a wedding celebration. This is probably related to the fact that it gives the most beautiful flowers that bloom beautifully. These flowers are so fresh as they could use as wedding decorations.

Romantic Spring Wedding Decoration with Green Peach and Cherry Pink Color Themes That Look Very Lovely Part 28
Romantic spring wedding decoration with green, peach and white color themes that look very lovely

Planning the wedding in the summer is very much similar to the other season weddings. The thing that will differentiate it is only the theme. Well, spring wedding is more colorful and fresh. And it is really sparkling for both outdoor and indoor.

Since the weather is friendly during spring, most wedding ceremonies are adopting an outdoor or garden concept. The outdoor concept is the best as you can let all guest enjoy the fresh spring air with your refreshing decoration.

Romantic Spring Wedding Decor from Spring Garden Wedding Inspiration in Pretty Pastel Shades of Peach Blush and Green Part 3
Spring Wedding Arch Decor in a Garden Wedding Celebration in Pretty Pastel Shades of Peach Blush and Green

For preparing a romantic spring wedding decoration, there are several areas that need specific attention.

The first area that needs a romantic decoration touch is the ceremonial zone. The aisle, arch, material table, and the backdrop are the point of focus that needs a focal point. Flower and fresh leave decoration are best for those spots. Moreover, you can enliven the display with some light strings or candles.

The reception zone is the second area that will decide whether your theme decor is working or not. There are so many parts that need springily decoration. Unlike the ceremony area which needs focal accessories, the reception area consists of many complex arrangements that need some focus detailing.

The right reception decoration should have a cohesive display that blends all the items in a single coloring concept. This is very important as people will focus not only on the newlywed couple but also on the other people and venue. There will be a lot of photographs taken, and the background concept will decide the result of those captured memories.

The next decoration is for the dinner table. Since it is a spring theme, fresh flowers should make the most of the display. You can also give more refreshment with eucalyptus leaves garland and tulips centerpiece. Don’t forget to give special touching on the salad and dinner plate.

Here are below a few inspirations that you can copy for your coming up spring wedding. And, good luck with the decor and prep.


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