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February 2, 2019by Ello1

It is not hyperbolic when we say the bathroom is an area in our home that needs more attention for its clutter. We should agree since the most used area must never stay tidy for a prolonged time. It seems that special attention is more needed to make this room better.

DIY bathroom shelves from wood pallets that improve bathroom looks Part 1
DIY bathroom shelves from wood pallets that improve bathroom’s look and function.

Considering bathroom shelving can be the best solution you can make in your bathroom. Although there are so many products on IKEA, making this one is much more adjustable and affordable. You can even be more economical by using cheap woods like reclaimed or wood pallets.

It seems that the wood pallet is the best and economical solution for home decor and update. There are so many object and accessories we can make using this cheap wood type, including the bathroom shelves. Despite its cheap price, this type of scrap wood has a reliable quality that is very suitable to be used in a soggy place like the bathroom.

DIY bathroom shelves from wood pallets that improve bathroom looks Part 10
Smart solution for bathroom clutter with economical storage ideas from wood pallets.

The shelving in the bathroom can be anywhere. You can put it above the toilet, at the end of your bathtub, or on the wall near the sink. Since it is homemade, you can make a perfect size pallet shelf that will fit your room. Thus, it’s better to start it with a design which is based on your bathroom measurement.

The natural character of the pallet shelves is old and rustic. It will be really perfect for industrial, farmhouse, shabi-chic and Scandinavian bathroom design. However, you can still use the pallet wood shelf in a conventional or modern bathroom style.

From the gallery we have collected below, the industrial and the farmhouse style is the most traditional twist that you can add in the bathroom. It will create a really nice focal when you apply well rustic finishing and combine it with the use of metal tubs for its suspensions.

For a nicer view that will blend with its environment, you can decide the level of its surface finishing. A rough finishing will be best to suit the traditional concept, while the smooth finishing will work on almost bathroom design including the modern bathroom style.

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