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November 15, 2018by Ello1

DIY Projects with Wood Pallets You Can Try at Home Part 39 The wood pallet could be the only free or, at least, the most affordable materials that you can use to make decoration and furniture for your home. There are numerous ideas that you can find about using this industrial waste. They are really easy to be done as you will not need high skill carpentry to finish those projects. As they are very feasible, it is also very economical which usually needs a small budget.

Ready to make your own pallets furniture or decoration? Okay, here we go. But before you see our selection of DIY project using wood pallets, it seems better to first know how to work with them.

The wood pallets are actually a waste which is commonly used for the distribution process of goods. They are many in some area like ports or in the industrial area. You can collect them freely, but some processed wood has been sold for a relatively cheaper price.

This kind of wood is sometimes needing a reclaiming process to make it newer again or to expose the accent. It is very interesting to bring a bunch of them to the home and thinking about what we will do with this wasted wood. Then, we suggest you be more careful if you are using the used pallets that you take from the waste. They can be harmful if you are not taking care of yourself when working with them.

To consider the safe pallets for the DIY project, the really easy step you should try is checking the code marked on it. It shows you how the wood was treated before used as pallets. The safe wood should contain the code HT (heat treatment) and DB (debarked). Both processes do not use any harmful chemical substance.

The next step to make sure that your pallets are safe is to find out for what purpose they were used. If they were used to carry dangerous things like acid or chemical fertilizer, then it’s better to not use them. Sometimes the pallets need to be dismantled but sometimes they are not.

However, stay careful with what you are doing if you are a newbie. Keep your body safe using protection especially mask when you are cleaning or planning the woods. Then, happy trying. There are numerous ideas of DIY projects using ex-wood pallets you will find in the gallery below.

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