DIY Inspiration50+ Simple Bookshelf Ideas for DIYers

September 4, 2018by Ello0

Bookworm or not, you must be tempted to create simple bookshelf on your space as it has also decorative functions as well as storage functions. The bookshelf today is very functional element of decoration in a small living space. It can add high eclectic value in a room since the design is very flexible and dynamic. The stack of books and decorative accessories put on it will also make more sense of uniqueness which adorns wonderful expression of decoration. So, here we are with numerous simple bookshelf ideas for your DIY decoration project.

Simple Bookshelf Ideas for DIY Project Part 64
Simple Bookshelf Ideas for DIY Project

 Start with simple design

If you are not very skilled in building seamless or fully crafted bookshelf, you can try the simple bookshelf design. They are normally less crafted and only using discarded materials like wood pallet, ladder, pipes, or crates. The materials are normally cheap and can be bought online or in flea markets. Make some necessary cleaning and finishing so you will get perfect materials for simple bookshelf. The rustic look is perfect for farmhouse concept or industrial design. Simple tools will be required and it really needs novice skills in DIY projects. So, if you are a new DIYer, you can try some simple bookshelf ideas in our gallery.

Make it with double functions

For experienced DIYers, simple bookshelf ideas from waste materials are not challenging. They will need more complex design which is difficult for novice DIYers. If you are one of them, this next challenge for making double functions bookshelf would fit your rank as an experienced DIYer. There are many ideas you can find below in the gallery about multi-purpose bookshelf. The ideas are actually simple as it should maximize the space of yours and maximize the functions so you can get double bonuses in everything. If you are ready for the challenge, just jump on the gallery and select the best ideas to be yours.


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