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August 23, 2018by Ello0

Designing a table set for farmhouse dining room can be actually done by yourself who even don’t have proper training in wood work. They are really practical with used wooden material to enhance the rustic look of farmhouse style. Here are some examples of DIY dining table plan with farmhouse concept that you can make or redecorate at home. Before looking the gallery, we have some tips in building your own dining table.

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Farmhouse Dining Table Inspirations

Selecting the Wood

If you want to build it alone, then selecting the correct materials will matter. There are many types of wood available on common wood markets or lumber mills. Maple, oak, and walnut would be the top-grade wood and also best choice. But if you want to try something in budget, pine will be okay. However, you can try something cheaper like using the reclaimed woods from discharged furniture, demolished building or pallet.  We suggest that the reclaimed or used wood and timber is the best for DIY farmhouse dining table.

Finding the Right Used Table

Making a DIY farmhouse dining table isn’t always starting from raw wood and build it into the farmhouse style. You can go to used furniture stores and by the cheap used table which still has good condition. Be careful at this point so you don’t need to replace many parts that will cost you more. Select the wooden table which has strong legs and thick look. Since there are lots of size of dining table, you should reconsider it by looking on your space size and the members of your family.

Sizing and Finishing

The most dining tables are 30 inches in height as it is based on the common chair size. However, you can adjust yours by looking on the chairs design. The common farmhouse dining table is using rectangular design. It is probably based on the old dining plan that justified the table design. For small family size, 3 ft width and 5 ft length will be ideal size. For more people, you can make the length become 6 ft.

After your raw table is ready, finishing step is most important so the concept will be still rich in farmhouse feeling. Painting is good, but sleek and glossy paint will not cohesive with the farmhouse concept. It is better to make the table top in medium stain finish. For more inspiration about the finishing, just check our gallery about DIY farmhouse dining table below.


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