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August 23, 2018by Ello1

The Halloween is coming with its spooky concept decorating the whole neighborhood yards. We have numerous ideas in our gallery about Halloween outdoor decorations, yet before we go there, it’s better to have some tips to make them spookily on-budget.

On budget Halloween Outdoor Decorations with fun and scary concept
Halloween Outdoor Decorations

Unused and Junks

For the outdoor decoration during the Halloween, you shouldn’t always put large amount of budget to make them look amazing. Using the unused things like old propane empty tanks, empty tins, unused shade or curtains, unused plank and woods can be more effective and efficient to make up the haunted effect on your home. All you need to purchase are the painting equipment, lighting set and ideas. There are many ideas you can copy from in our gallery.

Orange effect

For cool Halloween outdoor décor, autumn color scheme will fit the seasonal nuance very well. Keep your pallete on orange, red, yellow and brown to decorate your backyard and porch so you can feel the transitional nuance come in your outdoor area.  To make some extra layout about the autumn nuance, putting some dried branches or dried corn stalks will really look nicest.

Simple DIY mannequin

Making scary mannequins or scarecrows is one example that will improve the spooky effect on your home. It is not an easy job especially when you are not a pro but it is fully manageable. However, easy project using bags, pillow, and unused clothes could be done during the Halloween season.

Halloween lantern

The outdoor must have Halloween lantern as it will really illuminating the spookiest effect during the Halloween night. Making the lantern from wire framework and paper or fabric for covering will ease you to make the shape. The best shapes are witch hat, jack o lantern, and flaying phantom. You can add these lanterns on your porch or hang them on the tree to maximize the outdoor concept.


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