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January 24, 2019by Ello0

Love is everywhere as we notice that the celebration of Valentine’s day is near. Preparing a surprise decoration in your home with the many love signs should be on your wish list this February. The idea of surprise valentine’s decoration should be makeable and also easy. Why? Because it is the point of surprise that you make unexpected thing happen for someone.

DIY home decoration you can make to celebrate the Valentine with your partner Part 13
DIY flower decorations in mugs with letter LOVE. Easy decoration ideas to celebrate Valentine’s day at home.

The love decoration can actually be done every time. But, Valentine’s day is very special as it is the day of love and friendship. Normally, people send greeting cards to others they love or their friends. But, sending a love card to the person that lives together with you seems good for tradition but it seems better to send them more loves and care with special homemade decorations.

Making valentine’s decoration is as easy as decorating your home for other occasions. It is easier as you only need simple surprise decor like for a surprise birthday’s decoration. The first thing that you should do is to get ready the room that needs decor. The bedroom and dining room are two that need the most love vibe, so it is better to start with those two areas. If there is still spare time, then you can make it anywhere.

After you decide the area for decoration, the second to prepare is the theme color. Valentine’s day is love day, and love is usually expressed in warm colors like red, pink, and purple. Anyway, you can combine them with any color but you should make the love color to pop up in your decoration.

DIY home decoration you can make to celebrate the Valentine with your partner Part 15
DIY Valentine’s day decoration from inflatable letters and balloon with love color themes.

There are tons of ideas for surprise Valentine decoration. Flowers bouquet and wreaths are the most common decor, but you need more time or need time to make them ready. However, you can order it in the nearest florist and ask them to deliver the flower when your partner is out. Hang the flower above the bedroom headboard, or just lay them on top of your bed. Dimmer lighting and spotlight on the decor will make them look romantic.

Just remember, the element of surprise is that your partner won’t notice the decoration before the showtime. You can make them during their leave or just make a distraction. Make the easiest decoration that can show your love. It can be from anything and trust me they will work. SO, the gallery below is very special for you and for your Valentine’s day. Check them out to get some easy ideas for Valentine’s day decoration. Happy Valentine’s Day, then.

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