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February 27, 2019by Ello0

Deciding the garden pathway designs should be on the list of your new landscaping plan. It is an important part of your outdoor area because you will use it most when walking around enjoying in your backyard garden.

There are many styles of walkways for the garden such as stone, concrete, wood, grass and gravel walkways. Yet, the last is what we talk about here.

Graveled garden walkways that give more exotic natural finishing in your garden designs Part 11
Graveled garden walkways that give more exotic natural finishing in your garden design

The gravel garden walkway is maybe the cheapest and easiest walkway compared with others. It also requires little maintenance that will give you more easiness when caring for the garden. The earthy feeling will be even stronger on barefoot as some say that it is good for health treatment.

Building Gravel Pathway in Your Garden

The gravel pathway has come in several styles as people are keeping to have experimented to find the best structure and styles. We have observed that there are some interesting styles which range from the original graveled ways to mixed styles.

The original is the easiest and cheapest anyway. It needs little treatment as it will only require stone borders on both sides of the pathway to avoid the gravels being washed or swept away.

We recommend the smaller stone size for this type of natural walkway. It will still feel soft and firmer on your foot since they will be locking each others resulting in the more stable footing. The other advantage of this type of natural garden walkway is low maintenance. No special drainage system needed and it tends to not slippery like the concrete and wood pathway.

Due to its traditional look that seems to earthy, the modern modifications have been made to make this gravel pathway. It is also to make this garden’s path more adaptable to season and weather.

The keep the display but with a more durable attribute, many landscapers have tried to fix the gravels on the concrete surface. It will reduce the slipperiness of the concrete walkway and give it more enhancement with earthier looks.

If you want something more comfortable but rich in earthy character, you can combine the woods, flagstone or concrete walkways in your garden and use the gravel or pebbles as the gap filler among the footings. Here are some ideas below that we have collected in the gallery. Hoping you like and share them to make others get inspired by these garden pathway ideas.

Check Our Gravel Pathway Ideas:

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