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February 25, 2019by Ello0

There is nothing better than having a warm and cozy outdoor space to spend the summer time with the family and friends. We have got some for you the ideas of well-arranged exterior living spaces that look so pretty and luxurious for entertaining.

Among many styles of outdoor spaces like the patio, lounge, open kitchen, and others, the open living space is the best. This space is usually designed for night entertaining activity so no wonder that it has no roof or any sun shield. Another characteristic that looks very vivid is the fire pit. This part seems to be unreplaceable as it also becomes the anchor of the outdoor view.

The best outdoors living area designs perfect for gathering and special events Part 7
The best outdoors living area designs perfect for gathering, entertaining, and special events

Dreaming about a perfect outdoor living space should never be forever just a dream. You can check our lists that need to be planned before building an outdoor living area for entertaining.

Plan the Perfect Layout

The layout is the most important part when you are designing the outdoor living space in your garden or backyard. It will decide the practicality and functionality when we are using this space.

The perfect layout for this kind of space should accommodate the togetherness in the first place. Thus, the U and round layout are best. These layouts will make the area to be centered into one point, at which we can install the fire pit.

Install the Ambiance Light System

Considering that we will use this area during the night time, the ambiance light is the perfect addition to make the place cozier and also warmer. There are many types of ambient lighting that you can use in this space such as the outdoor string lights and lanterns.

If you need this area for just gathering and entertaining, you do not need to have the task light or any kind of bright lighting systems. This will reduce the friendly and warm vibes as they all that you need for the outdoor living space.

There are actually others that you will need when designing an outdoor living space. Yet, we think that you can find them in the gallery below. If you like them, please share them with others. Good luck.


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