DIY Nightstand Makeover Ideas, The Easy Tricks

A night stand for your home has a significant role especially in the bedroom. They are not only a place on which you can put the table lamp and books, but it also works as the anchor of your bedroom corner design. You can’t just miss it easily as some of them also serve useful storage functions. Yet, they become old very quickly and no longer beautiful on your corner. Replacing them could be a choice, but you may only need some of these night stand makeover ideas to make them refunctioning like new again.

Easy tricks for Nightstand makeover ideas that will makeup the bedroom design Part 3

Nightstand makeover ideas that will makeup the bedroom look

If you are a truly DIYer, then you must feel really challenged when you hear about makeover ideas. We have looked many ideas about nightstand, and they are actually really easy even for newbie DIYers of home décor. The gathered ideas in the gallery are summarized in below note.

Repainting Ideas

Easy tricks for Nightstand makeover ideas that will makeup the bedroom design Part 47

Nightstand makeover ideas

Considering the new paint could be the easiest nightstand makeover effort that can bring much effect. In the recent trend, white is the most favored color as it could fit on any room design. Yet, you can adjust your own color by considering the room’s dominant colors. If you have a bright room with white paint and much breeze, considering a strong contrast could be a brilliant idea. It could kill the mute room scheme as it will enhance the room look if you put a nice patterned lamp shade on it. The simple rule is to make the nightstand to become the anchor that provides nice focal to your room.

Changing old accessories

The night stand often comes with storage functions which is normally in a drawer chest design. It has some accessories like the pull and some changeable lid or cover. These objects can be the object for your makeover. After repainting the entire surface, considering the new accessories will really give you a new nightstand look.

Stylish nightstand makeover

Updating your night stand with stylish color and pattern is the next ideas to upgrade the nightstand design. Try to combine color and pattern, or you can try make some geometric and lines that will give nice contrast to your entire room.


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