DIY Treehouse For 2018 Summer Times

Considering a treehouse in your backyard garden will be a good choice especially for children who loves adventures and challenges. Yet, designing a treehouse is not an easy thing as it needs preparations that guarantee the safety and also functions. The preparations should start with the selection of trees on which you will built your elevating house. Lucky for you who have large trees on the backyard, but if you don’t, you can try to create concrete foundation that can be shaped like a tree. You should make the design after you find the trees for the treehouse.

DIY Treehouse For 2018 Summer Times (33)

DIY Treehouse For 2018 Summer Times (33)

The next preparation is the woods and planks. Make sure that you prepare them well so it meets the safety standard for your kids. The wood can be the used or recycled woods but selecting the best and testing their strength will be the minimal requirement before you stack them up.

Our gallery provides numerous treehouse design for kids and adults so you can pick one that fits your taste and character. While selecting you own ideas, some aspects are really necessary to be considered. One again, a treehouse should be safe for children since it has some height that can cause unpleasant things happen to you lovely one. Thus, the design should have railing and safety stairs.

Furthermore, the attachments on the tree should be the main focus. Never add too many nails and screws on the trees. Suspend the floor with extra beams will add more strength rather than rely only on the tree trunk. If you have a big enough tree with strong branch, make some reinforcement by cutting them necessarily so you can double the strength by hanging the floor as an extra of ground suspend.

However, the design is very flexible as it will normally need adaptation during the building process. The must do point while building a treehouse is to involve your kids. They will be the king and queen of this wooden castle. Involving them for small help will be the main things for this big project.

This gallery bellow contains mixed treehouse ideas that work for both adult and children. Building the grand one will improve its functions but cost more time and money. They are just for inspiration so you can adapt them to make your own. Good luck!


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