Hottest 2018 Trends for Spring Summer Livingroom

Designing the living room with spring and summer concept has been very popular since some times ago. You can start designing yours so you can still up to date to the recent interior ideas. For this year, spring and summer interior ideas are still characterized with the addition of indoor plants on pot and jar. The accent given by which enrich the view so the spring and summer breeze really come inside your home. The furniture also has its special summer characteristics by the enrichment of southern style cushion covers and also earth colored rug.

Hottest 2018 Trends for Spring Summer Livingroom (2)

Hottest 2018 Trends for Spring Summer Livingroom (2)

For the colorful way, decorating spring and summer living room can start with color combination. Bright cheerful colors will add some juicy looks as they also make friendly accent to your living room. Bringing back retro style like retro wallpaper can be an option if you want to make your livingroom become more artsy.

The natural touch is still the heart of spring and summer livingroom design. Some indoor plants will add health benefits to you and your room as it also looks creative and decorative. When you want more spring and summer feeling comes in your home, adding some green furniture is very lovable. An olive green armchair will be an inspiring addition as it can be blended with stylish cushions and minimalist coffee table.

When you feel all green is boring concept for spring and summer, just try to make some extra colors there. Pastel colors will liven up your room accent and you can try to add also blue or red flower on the vases. Earth colored wallpaper and retro chair are really alive for your spring and summer time.


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