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February 3, 2019by Ello0

Most kids’ rooms are configured in limited space and it spares little areas for the proper furniture and decoration. Unlike the master bedroom, the kids’ room needs smarter arrangement and organization to make it functional not only for a sleeping place but also for kids special zone that let them explore their early life.

To make more space for them to play, the bunk bed is a smart solution that will give some spares on the room’s floor for other purposes. But, when the bunk bed seems not enough to accommodate their activity in such a small room, we will need something that more compact and efficient.


Wooden Storage Bunk Bed Frame Designs That Effective to give ashared space some efficient organizations Part 5
Wooden bunk bed frame with combo function for storage, very effective to give a shared space more efficient organizations

Making a kids room more efficient is not as easy as it seems. The kids’ room is like their playground. It is also their territory where they can spend the most activity in. Smart storage is really needed but it will even reduce the floor space.

The recent brilliant work we have found on Pinterest is to make a combo furniture design. We can try to make a modification on the bunk bed to accommodate functional storage so there will be enough room for them to play and study. With this combo bed design, you will easily declutter the children mess in their room. If is also very functional to provide them easiness for using and storing back their toys and stuff.

A fabricated bunk bed with double sleepers and built-in storage is a new product that rarely available in common furniture markets and stores. Therefore, asking for wood carpenters or home contractors could be the only solution you have.

However, if you have a handy talent for making such a product, we have several designs of bunk beds with such a feature that we have specially compiled in this post. This functional bed is not only effective to save some space in the kids’ room, but it also makes the room organizing much easier.

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