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February 9, 2019by Ello0

Living in modern society often brings us a cultural lag that makes us difficult to accept a complete change. This seems to happen in the area of home designing, especially in the field of kitchen style.

Best Modern Kitchen with Beautiful Wooden accent Part 22
Best Modern Kitchen with Beautiful Wooden Countertop

People seem to not happy nor comfortable only with the most modern update in the kitchen. The less use of woods will likely make a less attractive design.

So, there is now some brilliant ideas that try to combine the simple and functional modern approach with more natural classic wooden touches. The balanced portion of woods and other aspects has created the sleek and clean look streamlining the asymmetrical character rarely found in the traditional homes.

The use of wooden material in the modern home evenly is also a new benchmark that can make a foundation for the future of home trend.

As the busiest place in the home, updating a kitchen with modern style could be the right decision. However, this project is not as easy as it seems when we do it alone.

Calibrating the modern elements to fit in our space needs expensive experience and skills. Therefore, you can actually hire the contractor and ask them to make your dream kitchen.

The modern kitchen in real life is sometimes different from those we see in pictures. The regular and proper maintenance will keep the clean look, but it will easily lose its passion when we neglect it. However, wood updates have created more durability in term of look. The wood accent will effectively disguise the distorting condition of modern kitchen styles.

To make a balanced look between the modern elements and wood elements, you can make a measurement on your space. While the concept is ready, you can actually consider how much you will use the woods. Most of the designs with a super sleek and charming look only use about 30% of woods composition in the whole kitchen.

Then, if you have been ready with the wood accent, the next part is the decoration and extra furnishing. For this part, we will ask you to check these images in the gallery. Those ideas are very practical and also useful to guide you for the best kitchen design of yours.


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