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July 2, 2018by Ello2

This year kitchen ideas are dominated by fresh styles accentuating a brilliant combination of modern and rustic style. The character shown by these trending kitchen ideas is mirroring modern lifestyle that full of passions and reducing frigid pale sensation which often brings regression feeling.

This year kitchen trend will look bolder and subtle. They are also rich and minimalist so it will look smart and also artful in every corner and touch.

Top Kitchen Inspiration From Kitchen Trend 2018 (11)
Top Kitchen Inspiration From Kitchen Trend 2018

The brave design in these kitchens showing the contrast and combinations that always look rich and also affordable. The stiffness is still maintained but it also offers flexibility and utility. The genius and genuine design can be seen in the choice of materials and colors.

For you who loves the mid-century and contemporary styles, the combination of parquet flooring with bright ambiance on wall and ceiling can satisfy your craving. They really show a lovely combination by the addition of granite kitchen top and high-saturation cabinet colors.

The most important touch found in all top kitchen ideas of this year is the selection of the décor and touch. A contrastive theme on these kitchen ideas will make you feel the sensation of time travel. The ideas are never complex, yet artful touch can be seen in every design so you can decide what is this year main point of kitchen design.

For you who plan the immediate renovation, these following ideas from trending kitchen designs are invaluable. Some tips from us are to always consider the combination of characters, so do not hesitate to try crazy things. Marrying both old and modern character will give birth to a distinctive style that becomes the core of every idea of this year kitchen trends.

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  • Nicole

    January 21, 2019 at 11:17 am

    I who makes these cabinets? Where can I find them ?


    • Ello

      February 2, 2019 at 1:36 pm

      Hi Nicole,

      I wish I can help you to find them. But, can you give me the specific design that you like from our post? Thank you.


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