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August 23, 2018by Ello0

What’s interesting about galley kitchens is the idea in maximizing a small space for accommodating multiple storages. The two parallel cabinet lines which form a corridor are really functional and making you easy to reach multiple parts of your kitchen spontaneously. The efficient design is really applicable for small house with small spaces since it needs not extra space for its extra works. If you are considering this design in your renovation plan, then here are some ideas you might need right now.

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Galley Kitchens Inspirations

Galley Kitchen Layout

Every house has specific design so that a specific design could not fit for all. A galley kitchen can be on open scheme or closed scheme as it depends on the previous space design that might be difficult to change. If you have the corridor which has double function that connect to another area, so it is better to keep the layout of sink and stove on the same line. If it’s not, you will feel bothered to do kitchen activity and someone else is passing by your kitchen. So, being flexible is the best choice as you should also consider the other aspects like the efficiency and safety.

The next about the layout of the galley kitchen is the design. Many have suggested that the symmetrical layout is best for galley kitchens. Yet, our preference is not to stick on one concept. If you have limited space or shared kitchen and dining concept, the asymmetrical is the best. Considering the kitchen island instead of the tall cabinet to separate two rooms will create open air scheme that reduce the cluttering look. The, you can put the cabinets on the wall with common base and upper cabinet concept.

Tone and Lighting

The galley kitchen is usually avoided because of the corridor look which makes the room feel small and enclosed, especially for symmetrical galley design. However, the cluttering look can be still reduced by the right lighting scheme and surface coloring. Select the bright color as the base will make more open air scheme as it will even be more with wide window panels. Yet, if you can manage the windows, then consider bright lighting with white light tone as it will really enhance the airy vibes.


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