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February 24, 2019by Ello0

Color is an important part of your home as it has a significant role in making a successful room display. Among the primary colors in color wheel, the blue and yellow are two basic tones that we really love as they can create such a brilliant and amazing display in your home interior.

There are several examples that we have gathered here which show off the brilliant combinations of blues and yellows in many home interior styles. The harmonious interior scheme is very strong in all of those home interiors as they could really spark positive vibes from this color combo.

Best Blue Yellow Colors Mixing that Sparks Cheerful Interior Mood Part 7
Best Blue Yellow Colors Mixing that Sparks Fresh and Cheerful Interior Mood – Part 7

How to Select Best Blue and Yellow Combos?

From all the range of blue and yellow, we think that all of them will make a perfect combination as they will also showcase your personal character. Though they look different, all of them can give a similar atmosphere which looks so natural and fresh.

This character is actually inspired by water and sky thus there is no wonder if they can make such a fresh and beautiful combination. However, to find the best combination of blue and yellow, we can try to find it from nature since there are so many events or objects that showcase the perfect and harmonious combination of a specific type of blue and yellow.

For instance, we can find their combination from the sea. The coral reef and fish are perfect examples of objects that have so many variations of blue and yellow. We can find the pictures on the internet and see the color type using color picker tools. Later, you will get the type of colors and find the paint which has that specific type of blue and yellow from those sea creatures.

Besides the sea, the sky has also some perfect compositions of blue and yellow in even more exotic and charming styles. We can see them at the sea horizon during the sunrise or set. The yellowish clouds and horizon can look very beautiful on the darker blue sky background. You can pick the colors using the same method above and apply them in your interior.

To make a perfect ambiance in your interior,  you should pour the blue as the background color. It will allow a softer and friendlier interior scheme. Then, giving the yellow accent on that background can really enhance the interior scheme which looks so fresh and natural. These examples below will show you how to do them correctly. Switching the colors layers will the different scheme and that will be worth to try.

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