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December 30, 2018by Ello0

Bedroom Color Trend with Bold Colors and Brave Statements Part 29

Some times ago, many home designers declined the brave bedroom concept with bold and solid colors. White, grey and other soft neutral palettes were often used over times like there are no other options for bedroom designs. Now, we can opt the braver coloring or darker schemes but still consider the comfort within the styles.

Some people argue that a darker bedroom could give better rest and sleeping quality as it gives lower light exposure to our eyes. This thought could be right since the brighter room scheme can make our eyes stay longer and can trigger sleep problem.

However, the darker palettes that are good for sleep refer to only earthy color tones like black and brown. Today, more neutral colors of darker schemes like dark green and navy are tried on the bedroom. The result is still the same for sleeping as they enhance the sounder sleep.

The more advantage of using a wider range of dark color tones in the bedroom is to make a good display. We can expect the bright color scheme to provides better enlightenment with its airy and bright interior concept.

But, the darker composition could provide a more personalized connection that can’t be found in the brighter room scene.  The composition of several dark neutral colors is also very eye-catching. They tend to be more luxurious and exclusive which are also more inviting for earlier sleep time.

Modern Bedroom Concept With Strong Color Accents Part 43
Modern Bedroom Concept With Multi Colors Combination

Therefore, there will be no more excuse to consider some brave coloring in our bedroom. The darker color scheme is no longer spooky and mysterious. In contrast, they are very attractive and more inviting to the bedroom.

You are better to make some little experiment in color combining. Just try to mix more than two colors in a smaller area. When you think they are good, you can apply the colors in your bedroom. If you don’t have time for this, you can check our gallery about bedroom colors below and see how the colors are combined to create a very attractive bedroom style. Happy trying and Good LUCK.

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