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December 23, 2018by Ello0

Genius wall accent decoration to liven up your home vibes Part 33

Talking about wall accent is not a trifling matter. It is a very crucial aspect of home decoration that will give the final touch to your wall. There are large varieties of wall accents that we know such as corner molding and decorative painting.

We will not discuss all of them here since we only have limited space to talk about how it could make your room look better. We will also talk about the key point that makes accents are important for the interior wall.

The wall accent can function as a mute killer as it creates a loud effect to your interior area. You might have encountered a room with only homogeneous color scheme. There is no other color and also no decoration with all corner seems borderless. Then, what did you feel there? Yeah, a mute sensation even though in brave color selection.

The feature wall is very crucial as we have said before. It is really needed to enhance a room display. There are some common methods that can easily give the wall some accent or features. If you had such a question, we will recommend you to create some moody paints on your wall or just hang some good framed photograph or pictures. They seem to be the easiest way to redecorate your room interior.

The accent wall is really amazing especially to make the room friendlier and livelier. It can strengthen the dramatic look or even make the room calmer than before with only brush and paints. Today, there are also fabricated wall cover which resembles the bricks or stones. Installing them is as easy as sticking a sticker on the wall. With this simple trick, you can make a perfect focal in your room to make it more eye-catching.

Genius wall accent decoration to liven up your home vibes Part 35

However, before considering the unplanned accent wall, it’s better to tell you the key to this feature. When not every room is good with any type of accent wall, you may need to recognize the mother concept of your home. A Farmhouse, for instance, is really eye-catching with reclaimed wood decoration on the wall, meanwhile, the modern home will allow you only with paint and minimalist wall decoration. It is the only example of why giving accent wall needs more time during planning section.

If you are also planning to give your wall a correct accent, the images bellow might help you to find out your style. Good Luck! 

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