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September 19, 2020by Elsora0

Large glass windows and wall letting natural light to enhance modern and luxury space are the ideas that lie between the renovations of Living Hillegersberg. With this idea in mind, the house with strong characters of Rotterdam architectural appearance yet lacked desired spaciousness and coziness was renovated.

A Glass box as a character

The renovation started with upholding the act of transparency by putting large glass windows and walls facing the garden with the passage lying between. The natural light from the glass windows and walls along with the garden feel enhances the spaciousness and coziness of the whole house.

Large glass windows and wall letting natural light to enhance modern and luxury space (2)

The passage between the ‘glass box’ and the garden offers a natural stress-healing coziness that invites anyone to walk in through.

Inspiring home renovation in Rotterdam showing off high quality living space combined with relaxing outdoor area Living Hillegersberg (3)


The glass box idea was immersed from the adjustment at the rear of the ground floor which encourages the plan to open the back and the side of the house. It opens the connections between the rooms which improves the fresh atmosphere inside. Therefore, the spaces are able to flow one another from the front to the back.

The stairs are located immediately after the entrance. They send the residents to the bedroom stuffed with an en-suite dressing room and bathroom.

Large glass windows and wall letting natural light to enhance modern and luxury space (1)

Along with the whole plan of transparency, a large glass window and door are also installed in the bedroom connecting the room with a small yet cozy balcony.

Black white interior style with simple and modern breath 

To encourage the feel of spaciousness and comfort offered by the glass stuffs around, a monochromatic color is chosen for the entire decoration of the house.

Black white interior style with simple yet modern furniture and accessories Living Hillegersberg (3)

The black and white composition for every single lining of this house decoration emphasizes the minimalist accents which uphold the spacious atmosphere for each room.

Then, both the glass elements and monochromatic lines aim to enhance a wealthy spaciousness and coziness for its residents.


Year: 2019
Location: Rotterdam
Client: Private
Architect: Arjen Reas Architects
Photographer: Luc Buthker



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