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July 3, 2020by Ello0

Many people feel inconvenient to live in an old structure which usually has low quality of style and also lots of trouble that need extra effort to deal with.

This was a project given to Idearch Studio which became their next series of Multiplying Architecture called Diaphanous Renovation to change an old apartment into a marvelous living space for a client in Madrid.

New Home Details

Artists home update bringing an old structure into livable modern living space that has artsy visual

Having an area of 753 feet square, the home is a single bedroom apartment that belongs to a musician. The main purpose of the renovation project is to give a new breath to the home which previously dark and dense.

The solution made by the contractor was considered brilliant which was expanding the house space by eliminating non-structure indoor separators and introducing a new diaphanous lighting scheme.

Inspiring Diaphanous Renovation showing lighting trick to enliven modern interior vibe (2)

The open space organizing for the home public space was really improved by the bright scheme given by two large windows and many lighting installations.

The interior is using white color schemes on the interior wall in every room and also white epoxy floor finishing. The bottom-up white scheme is to balance the maintained old house elements which are the exposed wood beams and some old brick walls.

Inspiring Diaphanous Renovation showing lighting trick to enliven modern interior vibe (4)

The combination of white finishing, white lighting, old wooden beam structures and old brick walls can really create an amazing display that introduces the home’s new identity.

Moreover, the home is not only new with its look but the designer also improved the function as it will serve as how a home should be.

Collaborators: Laura Martín, Juan Pablo Ruiz, Architects.

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