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July 19, 2020by Ello0

The advantages of having white and light home are believed to give better mood and long-lasting refreshment without any major update in a prolonged time. However, many white home DIY-ers cannot meet this excitement after the project was completed due to the absence of some important parts in making a bright and light home.

If you are one of them who failed to create a tranquil white interior on your own, the modern minimalist home of House K from Arjen Reas can be a good reference.

Bright tranquil house from Arjen Reas with homey interior design illuminated by natural light House K (1)

Interior Component and Concept of HOUSE K

The prominent character shown in House K is a modern home with a light tone and minimalist ornaments. Function and effectiveness are two components that make up the interior as it strengthens the modern character of this home.

If you are interested in the modern white home concept, this project is a perfect instance that was built to maximize the use of available space by using natural light and simple furnishing. That two elements are very crucial to make a modern character that shows a clean and simple aesthetic ambiance.

The all-white interior color is applied in this modern home concept. The floor, wall, and ceiling are in the same color with a seamless joint to reduce a cramped look as it also improves the spacious display in this home.

In line with the white home concept, the furnishings were done brilliantly adopting neutral coloring that is not giving false feedback to the basic concept. Grey and woody colors are really in place to make a smooth statement which improves the refreshment ambiance.

The decoration and details are still in the same concept that give a simplified and harmonized modern home character. However, functionality is still a priority so that the home can provide all-time comfort and functionality. This was to fulfill the owner’s request to have a home that can accommodate all special occasions and situations.

Project Year: 2016
Location: Scheveningen, Den Hag
Collaborator: Van Voorden Architecture

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