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September 8, 2018by Ello0

The dining room is not only a place to eat but it is the alternative spots to tighten up the family togetherness. Even for a small family, the dining room still has its significant roles that make it difficult to be ignored. Many inspiring posts you can find about decorating the dining room, yet most of them will charge you with extra cost. Actually, there are some trick you can make for dining room makeover. You need only little budget and the good part is that you can do it yourself.

Budget Friendly Dining Room MakeoverDining Room Decoration Idea Part 3
Budget Friendly Dining Room Decoration Idea

Start with the wall

The dining room wall is the part that gives the most room vibes. Repainting them will create new look as it will give you desired mood every time you are in the room. There are many colors you can select, but for significant change, make some statement with accent. Combining more than two colors is allowed so there is a clear accent that make your room have livable ambience. For a quick and easy dining room makeover project, you can also try to use wallpaper. They are affordable and also practical. Using the wallpaper is also considered more efficient as it need lesser time to apply.

Install creative pendants and extra lighting

The lighting is not only for the illumination of the room, yet it also creating statement look that improve the dining room look. There are many cheap pendants you can find, even the used pendant from flea market can significantly makeover the dining room design. Regardless the decorative functions, the pendant would need accent lighting that create the ambience. This is the reason why recessed or ceiling lighting still make significant functions.

Table accessories and centerpiece

The centerpiece is probably a trivial thing but it has significant role in beautifying the dining table. In many cases, the use of table accessories like the centerpiece is to strengthen the character that is created by the room tone and the style of the dining room. The more it is associated with the table concept, the more wonderful it looks.


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