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December 23, 2018by Ello0


Wall decoration matters a lot for every home as it can give a feature to make the room look more stylish. There are lots of way you can do to make this wall feature, but, here we now will only talk about the easiest trick to make them from scrap wood pallets. It is not the best and most classy materials for wall decoration, but a little magic will make them undeniably beautiful on your wall.

Making a wall decoration from scrap wood pallets is a beginner project for home decor DIYers. You can find the materials for free from shipping waste or new business open. They normally want them to be get rid quickly as longer stay will need extra cost. Therefore, there is no wrong if you check the nearest shipping workshop or company garage to find some free materials.

If you have got all of the materials you need, don’t forget to dismember it with the proper tool and washing them using detergent or others. They can be harmful as food container since the process of making them involving harmful substance. Thus, using them for wall decoration seems to be more making sense and also safe for your health.

When you have done for your preliminary task, then you may need to cut them as the concept you have been ready with. You will not need some tricky styles of carpentry as it only needs some good faith to get the project done.

Since it is about holiday and Christmas, we have provided some inspirations which topic are taken from the most popular items. There is also a custom Christmas tree made from scrap woods pallets. You will also find the cozy wooden bars arranged together to make a classy and uncluttered area.  When you are confused about these all, then you may need to take a lot of ideas from the images below. 

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