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February 18, 2019by Ello2

A monochromatic or neutral colored apartment always looks simple and airy as it what most people expect in their living spaces. Yet, the lack of accent could really make a disaster in your home design.

Accents in a neutral room scheme are very important to create a kind of balance. It will save the interior for being boring, mute, and dull. Thus, it is your turn to look at your home and see whether there are enough accents or not.

The interior accent is employed to make a layer or even a depth in the interior area. There are so many styles of accent that are often used in the home design. We can call some like light, furniture, and accessories. Yet, they are not an accent if they are not there for a focal point.

Brilliant Home Decor Ideas with Color Pop Ups That Enliven Interior Vibes Part 26
Brilliant Home Decor Ideas with Yellow Accent Enlivens Interior Freshness 

In the modern design which focuses on clean, sleek, and seamless features, the accent becomes an important part that could decide the level of prettiness of a design. The adjustment often involved the pop of colors on everything. The combination of strong color in the front has been so wonderful in a neutral colored area.

We have compiled so many inspirations of neutral color apartments which are prettified with these pop of colors technique. Although it looks so simple, we still need to observe how they did the color combination.

The color pops trick can use and apply a wide range of colors combination. Yet, in this year trend, the colors tend to be a bit eclectic while they are paired in a smooth and neutral area. The blue and yellow are the most used combination that we can find everywhere.

The selection of this combination for popping up the color accents could be based on the color trends. As this year is dominated with natural-inspired color, the blue and yellow are a perfect couple that enlivens all the apartment vibes.

Brilliant Home Decor Ideas with Color Pop Ups That Enliven Interior Vibes Part 32
Brilliant Home Decor Ideas with Color Pop Ups That Enliven Interior Vibes Part 32

As they are so focal in a white or grey interior scheme, the room situation displays an inviting ambiance that is hardly found in common home decoration, Thus, it seems to be perfect timing for you to decide an update in your apartment. Good Luck.


  • ninesix

    March 21, 2019 at 11:07 am

    I love the colors on the walls, very subtle. Teal and mint colors are the best thing ever!


    • Ello

      March 25, 2019 at 1:31 am

      Hi Ninesix,

      Thanks for visiting
      If you like an interior with fresh colors, you can also check this post and this post.
      There are many ideas of interior colors that you must see.
      Thank you.


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