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September 27, 2018by Ello0

The Halloween may be more than an annual festival for some parents. This is the moment that they can have fun activity with the children creating some Halloween crafts. This activity is believed very good for toddler and children. Experts suggested that creating a contextual craft is more enhancing children motoric skill as it will improve their creativity. For this fun project, some necessary equipment like scissors and glue gun are needed so it’s better to fully supervise the children.

Easy Halloween Crafts and DIY halloween decoration for kids and toddler Part 68
Easy Halloween Crafts and DIY halloween decoration 

Easy Halloween crafts with cardboard

For the project, you can use some cardboard as the main materials. The cardboard from the cereal box can be used since it also has stiffer character and easy to cut than the thicker board. You can make a simple Halloween lantern from the box. It is very easy Halloween craft anyway, you only need to make a monstrous face and make some hole on the eyes and mouth. Repaint the box or wrap it with colored paper, putting some led inside and done.

Still with the paper, Halloween mask is also an easy project. For this project, cardboard is still needed. The process is like the previous Halloween box lantern. The difference is only on the hole that you make should be useful for seeing through.

The other easy project using cardboard is wall messages. We all know that the wall vintage poem, quotes or whatever are good decoration to stand along with the Halloween festival. They can be everything, so considering this on you and your kids Halloween crafts project will be fine. There also other inspirations about easy Halloween craft you can make with your children using cardboard and papers.

Other Halloween craft ideas – The cardboard could be the easiest material that can be use for DIY craft projects. Yet, there are still others like tissue paper that you can use for a mummy. You can also use some white yarns to make some spiders decorations and many more ideas you can discover with the children. So just don’t hesitate to check all the gallery bellow.

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