Interior IdeasEclectic apartment model turns up art passion into a cozy home space – Maisonette P155

September 28, 2020by Ello0

The traditional definition of eclectic home refers to a harmonious art collection of different color types and textures. When many homes are failed to create such a unique yet beautiful character, which often falsely displays a haphazard and chaotic interior, this exceptional home shall make a good instance for your reference.

Designed by Ippolito Fleitz Group, the Maisonette P155 is a true type of eclectic home which has a true definition of artsy interior and truly accommodates art pieces in a unifying theme.

Fascinating home style with lots of mementos and inspirational pieces (6)

Home Decor Type – Art Gallery and Travelling Journal 

The clients of this outstanding home are both professionals who work in creative fields and often traveling abroad. Their home decorations are a curation of mementos from their journeys to many places in the world. The collaboration of those art pieces and relics has created a kind of art gallery that would tell everyone about their amazing life in an artsy manner.

With a 290 m² area, the house is having decent space to live comfortably. Yet with so many decorations, the home has been managed carefully avoiding a cramped and chaotic look.

The art galleries are at every corner of this house. The owner seems to notice that every inch of this house is worth art collaboration to make a bold identity everywhere. Some places are having full decoration that stretches from the floor bottom to the top ceiling area unmuting easy models we often find in regular homes.

Besides the multicolors decorations, the home is also very functional with an extra for office and study. The functionality is also supported by the presence of art pieces that makes them noticeable even at a brief look. 

Fascinating home style with lots of mementos and inspirational pieces (10)

The collaboration of multiple styles and themes in this house has created a uniformity that also makes an honest impression of which everyone will conclude some implicit meanings about their lives. Moreover, the soft transition that combines one room to another has really made a feeling that we are living inside a museum of arts.

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