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July 9, 2020by Ello0

The penthouse is an exclusive space that has a special privilege to the owner. The height advantage has given a penthouse owner a vantage point to enjoy the horizon view anytime as they can use their time doing something else in their home.

This advantage of the penthouse has inspired JSA to design a functional home that can fully access the benefit of being on top. The Market Street Penthouse is a distinctive work that successfully combined multiple disciplines and perspectives into a fine space for living.

Exclusive penthouse design exposing elegant detail to merge with beautiful sky view Market Street Penthouse

Redefined Interior Character

The Market Street Penthouse designed by JSA is an instance of style and privilege that can define someone’s achievement and personality. The interior concept is not cheap and conventional as it is rarely found in many other penthouse duplexes.

Modern penthouse apartment with one side open floor to add height and improve a large space view (2)

Strong, exclusive but still humble could be personalities that are exposed in every detail found in this apartment. The color choices have created a fine mixing of charming and friendly characters which on the other hand they can bring up the vibe into a very cheerful and lavish.

Every side of the wall seems to tell us something about balancing and harmony. It is not too masculine and not too sassy so that it could accommodate everybody to stay in a comfortable feeling.

Exclusive penthouse with blue window frames to merge with natural outside sky view (2)

Having an advantage view of the vast city horizon, the interior seems to maximize its interior with the combination of bright and calming colors. The white floor, wall, and ceiling are dominating some parts of this penthouse apartment. Meanwhile, the switching is very smooth on the other side and upper level where wooden elements are covering most of the surface.

From a certain perspective, the mix finishing is very elegant and lavish. On one side it is a modern style home that combines natural wood elements in smooth and sleek arrangements while on the other side glass windows and glossy surface covering the whole thing. We can feel a real urban modern home style that smoothly mixes many different characters to look cozy in 21st-century style.

Exclusive penthouse with blue window frames to merge with natural outside sky view (1)

Project Location: San Francisco
Area Size: 3,200 SF
Project Year: 2009
Collaborator: Winder Gibson Architect
Photographer: Rien Van Rijthoven


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