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January 27, 2019by Ello0

Springtime wedding is mostly displayed with fresh looking decorations in all of the wedding venue. The flowers, fruits and also greenery are arranged in many shapes and styles to make the celebration look more alive. We can always spot them in any area of the venue like in the altar, dessert table, cocktail bar, or in almost all general reception area.

Refreshing spring wedding garland with green and ivory color theme decoration over the walls wedding arch and tables Part 12
Refreshing spring wedding garland from leather ferns, lemon leaves, and button mums on a reception wedding table

The greenery garland is a fresh decoration that once was very popular as wedding decoration back in 2017. However, this fresh green style is still relevant until today as wedding venue accessories that make the most of the theme decor.

We all are aware that wedding reception is costly as it also the decoration including the garlands. Despite this pricy fact, this decoration is still unchangeable to make a fresh looking wedding theme. You can calculate how much you will spend if a single foot of garland roughly costs you $10 to $20. For an average venue, you will need about $500 to $1000 only for these fresh looking decoration.

Refreshing spring wedding garland with green pink peach and ivory color themes over the walls wedding arch and tables Part 20
Refreshing spring wedding garland with pink roses, peach flower, and blue eucalyptus leaves as a table decoration

Since the springtime is approaching, as also your wedding date, preparing this earlier will help you a lot. Making your own greenery garland is still very possible if you are an early bird who has prepared everything else far before the date. This can save you several bucks since you know the florists cost a garland in a bit high price.

You may need some help from your friend or relatives to prepare springily green garland, especially at your wedding. If it is possible, ask them to help you for bringing the leaves and flowers. Arranging these beautiful decorations will take some time, so the more hands might be needed.

Although the eucalyptus garland is the most popular among others, there are still several leaves with a long stem that are ideal as wedding garlands such as myrtle, ivy, leather fern, silver dollar, and lemon leaf. They usually can stay green for three days if stored in a preserved room or more in chilling temperature.

For the arrangement, it is basically similar to making other types of garlands. You only tie them on the stem using green thread. Every foot of these may need five to ten stems as it depends on the volume and intensity of the leaves.

To make it more interesting, you can add some flower accents and fillers. Almost all flowers that can be used for garland are good as fillers. The decision should base upon the color that should be matching with the wedding themes.

If you are not sure about the style, you can observe the ideas in our gallery of springily green wedding garland below. It contains best ideas that will inspire you to make them for your wedding. Happy trying and good luck.

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