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January 13, 2019by Ello0

The greenery is a perfect final touch for every room including the living room. It can give a perfect accent that will liven up the ambiance to be more comfortable. The natural vibe could be well spread as it also makes the room as living as it is. Talking about living plant decoration in the living room, there are some aspects that we must first consider before deciding which plants. The aspects will include several points including the type of plants, maintenance, and their character. It is necessary so you can keep the room style instead of making it jungle-ish.

Lively Living Room Vibe with Indoor Plant Decoration Part 29
Lively Living Room Vibe with Indoor Plant Decoration Part 29

Type of plants for the Living room

There are at least three types of houseplant according to their planting media, which are the floor base, table base, and hanging base. The floor base houseplant is usually large and tall, or sometimes a bush type plant. They even sometimes have a trunk and branches like a tree. The table base plant is usually smaller. Most of the flowers are considered as table base houseplant since they are usually put on higher ground on the table or other platforms. The third is as its name which is hung. The plant is usually bush type or trailing type plants which look better when hung.

So, which type of plants are good for the living room?

The living room normally has a square shape that is closed in two or more sides. It also has wide windows that make the room fully filled with sunlight during the day. With this character, the living room can almost sustain any type of houseplants. You can even put the tree-type houseplants in the living room to fill some empty corner spaces. The hanging plant also good to be put near the window. Meanwhile, the smaller plant in the pot can be placed anywhere, i.e. on the coffee table, on the side table, upper the small cabinet, upper the bookcase, or on the TV desk.

Lively Living Room Vibe with Indoor Plant Decoration Part 27
Lively Living Room Vibe with Indoor Plant Decoration Part 27

Living Room Houseplants Care

There are many types of plant which need little care like cactus, cast iron, parlor palm, dragon tree and mother in laws’ tongue plant. They need little water and can live in low light condition. These plants are also a type of slow-growing plant which requires less effort for trimming.  If you live in an apartment and only need it as a shelter, these types of plants might be suitable for your living room.

However, the other type of plants like tree type, flowers, and trailing type of houseplants need more care. Watering, fertilizing and trimming should be done on regular basis to keep them alive and beautiful. If you don’t have enough windows in your living room, bringing them outside for direct sun exposure is needed.

Every plant has a specific character that you should learn about. With green thumb or not, keeping the houseplant needs more knowledge. Yet, if you only need them to be decoration, it’s better to use the low-care houseplants. Besides the knowledge, you might also need some inspiration about using them as decoration. In the gallery below, you can find more ideas about the living room with living room decoration. Hope you like them and get inspired to make yours beautiful, too.

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