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January 13, 2019by Ello0

The living room functions as a city hall in a house. It is the place where we have family times and welcome our guests. Thus, it should be beautiful, reliable, and comfortable. As an area for gathering, the living room is an equally vital area similar to the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. It should never miss the remodeling project to renew the look or to really swap the design.

In decorating the living room, the furniture is one of the main aspects that should be included. It may need change or just a proper retouching to keep the living room cozy and reliable. Then, which furniture do think in your living room that needs changing?


The living room is one room which has wide ranges of furniture types. Some of them are the sofa, coffee table, side tables, chest, bookcase, and cabinet. However, we can divide those into two categories which are the main furniture and accent furniture. The main furniture of the living room includes the seatings, while the accents are more varied such as the tables and the storages.

If you want to replace the furniture, it is better for you to make a preliminary assessment. It should include the assessment of its value and lifetime.  Yes, furniture can be expired just like foods. You should make sure that they are still reliable especially when you have small children. The sofa and chairs which belong to the main furniture for the living room are those which should be reliable. You should check the wear on fabrics, frame strength, and springiness. The wear on fabric could be replaced, but when you feel that it has some problem with its strength and springiness, it’s the time to consider to get the new one.

In considering the main living room furniture e.g the seatings, you may need to know the size of your room and the family members. You may need also to consider the functions as well. If you have a family with more than three members and a closed type living room, the sectional sofa could be the best choice. It is very versatile to accommodate more space for seating as it also can function as a sleeper.

Welcoming Living Room Designs with Comfortable Grey Sectional Sofa and Pallet Coffee Table
Welcoming Living Room Designs with Comfortable Grey Sectional Sofa

Somehow, a love seat or a sofa is good for smaller family size and smaller living room size. Some accent chairs and benches could fill the gap as it will give more space for guests. In a smaller living room, we recommend you to still use smaller furniture size. Small seaters are more flexible for repositioning so you can easily manage the living room as you need. Then, you can still have some space for the accent furniture to make the room more functional and reliable.

That’s all that we want to talk about now, there will be further discussion about decorating the living room. So, it is time to let you get more insight from our gallery below. Good luck with your decoration work.

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