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In modern home statistics, spatial distribution is one of the most preferred approaches to improve home spaciousness as it is also meant to be more effective and efficient in interior arrangement. In some cases, that trick is not always applicable for many reasons thus it needs a clever trick to maximize the available area.

In 2015, a home renovation named House AB managed by Didonè Comacchio Architects had achieved its goal to increase the interior volume and remake the display without involving new spatial distribution.

Maximizing Space Functionality

The House AB has been used since the late ’70s and the 2015 renovation was planned to update the interior view with a fresh and modern concept. This project was only for restyling without changing the existing spatial distribution of rooms and areas in this house.

The project is quite challenging since it worked with a pre-existing structure that might not support the development of the modern house model. However, the project was not completely bringing up the modern interior style but it was collaborating with the valuable point of the previous condition.

Well positioned book shelf in simple wood steel furniture style (2)

The living room is the first place that shows a complete enhancement as it includes new furnishing and redecoration. A piece of statement furniture was the large sectional sofa which was seen important in a family gathering area. This is very functional in this space as it is always ready for a large number of the family and visitors.

From the displayed items, some cozy arrangements were also put along with the large sectional sofa, which are a modern fireplace, a wall-mounted television, and a cozy contemporary rug. They were set to spoil the homeowner with function and comfort as they socialize and mingle spending joyful quality time.

L shape sofa in greyish cover in modern living room House AB (1)

Besides the furniture, the living room has a benefit of large windows for sunlight penetrations. Those were very modern as they can increase the house’s airy atmosphere with a continuous flood of light. Moreover, seamless wall and ceiling joints are one of the examples that really effectively increasing the house’s maximum space perspective.

L shape sofa in greyish cover in modern living room House AB (2)

Another unique character is the modern fireplace that was covered with a black metal jacket. It was set side by side with the wall-mounted TV which frame is attached to the interior wall. The marriage of black and wooden color on one sidewall is really enlivening the whole room-friendly nuance while the function of those items also grants maximum flexibility to this living space.

A combination style that was also found in some new modern houses was adapted to create a maximum coziness and functionality in this house. There is no vivid clue that makes this house look neither modern nor classic. All is just arranged to meet a beauty standard that can also improve the function and usability.

L shape sofa in greyish cover in modern living room House AB (3)

Modern and Minimalist Kitchen Concept

The kitchen and dining space of the house is the area that was not overlooked during the renovation project. A very modern display of furniture and decoration possesses a minimalist interior style. While the living room was rich in earthly colors combination, the kitchen was finished in white color and light wood tone to create a minimalist concept.

Project Location : Bassano del Grappa
Interior Style: Modern, Minimalist
Project Year: 2015

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