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October 10, 2020by Ello0

The modern office topic has been very interesting as there is no definitive standard that makes the design concept easy to achieve. Located in Frankfurt am Main, the Innocean Headquarters Europe was a project back in 2013 carried by Ippolito Fleitz Group to show us an excellent creation of modern office identity that should become the inspiration for other similar projects.

Modern office concept with post-modern decoration style

The modern office culture promotes openness for communication and also working environment flexibility. This should present a borderless space with more areas for collaboration and interaction as this is believed to promotes more productivity in today’s working requirement.

Fashionable modern office style with multiple design characters for different work zones (3)

The Innocean office in Frankfurt am Main seems to apply this modern office culture with an open and spacious floor concept to accommodates more collaboration among its employees. Its concept is also very practical to enhance mobility as it also explicitly expresses clarity and order.

Beyond its modern office look, this new office also includes contemporary decoration as it also displays the identity of the company which works in the creative industry. The ceiling decoration is an instance that tells everyone about a distinctive approach which is very focal to enliven the interior theme.

Moreover, some synthetic grass rug in the client and meeting rooms will improve the livability nuance that will be effective to increase the positive mood and workability. In addition, color combination is another part that worth our attention since it shows a refreshing vibe of white, green, and orange tones.

The colors combination in multi-textured interior enhancements has showcased one kind of trustworthy partner to supports others’ promotion in the worldwide market.


Photographs : Robert Hoernig
Project Year : 2013
Client : Innocean Worldwide Europe GmbH
Location : Frankfurt am Main

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