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July 14, 2020by Ello0

Applying a neutral color palette for interior color is currently popular in the home designing world. The black-white combination is a style that always interesting as it can create a wide variety of characters while applied in different contexts and compositions.

Named after the city where it is located, the Brunswick Rd House is a successful project carried by Chan Architecture that promotes a black-white color scheme in modern-transitional home model. This home is rich in textures that create functioning decoration as they also develop the inner character of this house.

Airy Home Model with Direct Light Access 

Open interior style increasing more sense of space Brunswick Rd House (2)

Located in a dense housing site, the Brunswick Rd House is a semi-detached house which floor site is a little bit narrow and long. This was a challenge faced by the contractor to recreate a dwelling that is modern that looked airy, functional, and cozy.

Open interior style increasing more sense of space Brunswick Rd House (3)

This single entry home is having a total renovation in the backside and also all parts inside. The rectangular house model was set as the backyard concept to give a totally new look for the house.

The batten cladding of the upper house part has created such a pattern and texture that looks wonderful standing up with the sky background. The black coloring seems to give the more strong look that works in many contemporary house style.

Two tones terrace style with outer wall clad Brunswick Rd House

The black and white contrast when we are seeing the house from the back is between the batten wall cladding and the open space interior mode. The glass folded doors are the other brilliant idea that can improve the airy sensation even when the door is closed during the cold or stormy weather.

Open interior style increasing more sense of space Brunswick Rd House (5)

When we are moving from the backyard to the interior of the house, the black visual is reduced as it leaves more white color domination all over the place. The proportion of black and white inside the house is even more imbalanced by the texture given on the white wall.

Open interior style increasing more sense of space Brunswick Rd House (4)

However, the designer seemed to not rely on too much modern accent since the transitional house model is very clear in this open space of the kitchen and dining room. The furniture is all about the combination of modern and traditional house model that has a focal point of large paint decoration.

The painting art piece in the middle of the room is maybe to enliven the vibe meanwhile the above sky door provides full illumination to the art piece and other surfaces so the spacious vibe is really enjoyable in this house.

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