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September 23, 2020by Ello0

In architecture world, the capability of a structure to perform in the surrounding environment has been an important aspect that later will decide the shape and layout. Built on a sloped contour, House F is an instance of contemporary house design that incorporates its shape with the surrounding very well.

This project was carried out by Ippolito Fleitz Group back in 2009. Located in Denkendorf , the slope land contour had been seen as an advantage to create a detached house which posed as an aesthetic element in this neighborhood.

Neoteric facade design of House F presenting jutted out windows and garrage doors (2)

Contemporary Exterior at Its Finest 

The design adopts a monolithic structure concept that shows a single object with seamless exterior design showing off inline collaboration of grey wall colors, glass and gabble roof. The facade shows a striking design that puts up a distinctive display from others in the area.

While the entire exterior is toned with monochromatic scheme, the house still shows an advanced contemporary style that shows both artistic and elegant values. The projecting window of the living room on the second storey has exposed several benefits that increase the value of the exterior and interior.

Inline with the windows, the garage door is also projected from the main wall as it creates a creative rhythm as it also cheers up the monolithic structure style. Moreover, the reflective window film is enhancing the house schematic character yet still in a foppish performance.

Refined interior in contemporary gesture showing multidimensional artsy vibes (8)

Bewitching Interior Vibes

Not only in its exterior, this house is also awesome in its interior part. A loft-like design has been assigned to make an open space interior that offers cozy and communicative space to reside. The bright scheme is also on the most of its surface creating a monochromatic interior color.

However, the all white interior color never looks muted and frigid. Some artistic choice of furniture and accessories has enliven up the ambiance as they also works very well to make a cozy space for everyone. At night, the color changing lighting is another aspect that gives the house with surprising mood meanwhile the large windows give a panoramic city light view.

Location : Denkendorf
Area : 300 m
Project Status : Completed (2008)
Building Category : Residential Architecture & Interior
Photography : Bruno Helbling

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